Pauline Galiana
Fantastic 7, 2019
Dara Herman Zierlein
Baby New Years Plastic World, 2013
Christopher Tanner
Bejeweled, sculptural wall pieces from the earth that Heal and Dazzle you, 2021
Amelia Shipman
The Earth and Its Eye, 2020
Estelle Roberge
Waiting for Winter, 2013
Estelle Roberge
Waiting for Winter, 2013
Lisa Westgaard
Plastic Karma, 2020
Coco Spencer
complete, 2018
Susan Hoenig
Birds & Berries, 2020
Jila Svicevic
Melting Rug, 2019
Judith Gale
Leopard Cone, 2020
Judith Gale
Leopard Cone, 2021
Helen Glazer
Pressure Ridge Beneath the Double Curtain Glacier, Antarctica, 2017
Judith Gale
Pink Volute, 2021
Judith Gale
Blue Conus, 2020
Judith Gale
Black & Blue Argus, 2020
Visual Narrative
Beyond Our Horizon, 2019