Brandi Merolla
Connectivity, 2022
Peter D Gerakaris Artist
Schaus Swallowtail Icon, 2021
Peter D Gerakaris Artist
Spotted Owl Mosaic, 2021
Roberta Masciarelli
Ignis Terminatorix - (Fire Terminator), 2021
Clara Bowe
The Emerald Necklace, 2021
Susan Stair
Ascending the Mountain, 2021
Roma Madan-Soni
Water Drops on Coral, 2019
ArtWithAkirash Studio
jeffrey rothstein
Both Directions at Once, 2020
JuanCarlos rLora
Noel, 2019
Alicja Klimek
CAVE, 2016
Sebastian Mueller-Soppart
Gloede, 2020
Samantha Passaniti
Skies on skies, 2020
Myungja Anna Koh
artist, 2021
Joe Dominguez
2092: A Dystopian Forecast, 2021
Alain Enrique Domínguez Fariña
S/T, 2018
Hsiao-Chu Hsia
Carnival/ Farewell, 2019
Lilian Cooper
The Xylotheque Unpacked: Oak Altsasu; gouache on paper; 23 x 100 cm, 2016
Janine Von Thungen
GROW A SCULPTURE - AMELI, 2011 - 2021, 2011
Katrina Slavik
East River Dream, 2021
Katrina Slavik
Wildfire, 2020
Peter D Gerakaris Artist
Pygmy Owl Icon, 2021
Peter D Gerakaris Artist
Short-Eared Owl Icon, 2020
Peter D Gerakaris Artist
EcoArt Project Award Exhibit: Gallery Installation View (2021), 2021
Gianni Lorenzo Depaoli
Acque Sporche, 2020
Krisztina Asztalos
Wind Machine, 2021
Gloria Tranchida
Heavy metals, 2013
Gloria Tranchida
Dioxins, 2009
spinoza, 2021
Gloria Tranchida
Delirio Urbano #9, 2018
Gloria Tranchida
Delirio Urbano #4, 2018
Light-of-Day, Portrait Project
Muse Crossing 10th Street, 2020
The Flow Lab
Milky Way, 2021
Estelle Roberge
Waiting for Winter, 2013
Sergio E
HIdden Tears /Recycled Androidite III, 2021
Alexis Rodriguez-Duarte
We look up to the sky for inspiration, for meditation, for reverence, for hope...., 2020
Alexandra Hulsey
Prototype 01, 2021
Ikpe ikpe
A rose remains, 2021
ResilienciART Project
NY...The New You!, 2021
JuanCarlos rLora
Old City Love (Climbing a Tree), 2019
JuanCarlos rLora
Memory Dissected, 2018
Brianna Ren
Exploration of Life and Consciousness - Amongst the Sun Flowers, 2020
Liz Alderman
Mayglogrenapyelnes (NEST), 2020
Sergio E
Ticking Time, 2020
Sergio E
Backbone Recycled Nude, 2020
Sergio E
Unbalanced Pendulum/ Unbalanced World, 2021
Sergio E
Recycled Desires, 2021
Robert Santore
Nadia Klionsky
Winter in Vermont, 1999
Sergio E
Action Now!, 2020