Jacklord Tomas
Los Angeles Ciutat, 2019
Cheryl Maeder
The World Upside Down 10., 2018
Cheryl Maeder
The Voyage, Wonderland, 2018
Cheryl Maeder
Frequency, 2018
Rebecca Schultz
Take Us to the River, 2022
Rhonda Smith
Aberrations, 2021
Brandi Merolla
Connectivity, 2022
Net of Curiosity, 2019
Christian Bernard Singer
Bodies of Land, 2002
Valeria Yamamoto
Converge, 2014
Peter D Gerakaris Artist
Coral Oculus Tondo, 2021
Tessa Ansel
Ocean vibes 1, 2021
Tessa Ansel
Ocean vibes 2, 2021
Tessa Ansel
Ocean vibes 3, 2021
Tessa Ansel
Ocean vibes 4, 2021
Barry Rosenthal
Bags an Wrappers, 2017
Roberta Masciarelli
Ignis Terminatorix - (Fire Terminator), 2021
Clara Bowe
The Emerald Necklace, 2021
Nancy Agati
Water Table, 2021
Christine Lorenz
Salt 2783 (Terrain), 2019
Christine Lorenz
Salt 9412 (Dissolution), 2021
Barry Rosenthal
Picking up the Mantle, 2021
Kimberly Garland
Untitled, 1979
Roma Madan-Soni
Water Drops on Coral, 2019
ArtWithAkirash Studio
Pauline Galiana
Sirens, 2021
Pauline Galiana
Fantastic Sirens n°1, 2016
Lisa Kellner
Crevace, 2021
Tidepool, 2021
Priscilla Aleman
Stillness is in the Eye of the Hurricane, 2021
Estuary, 2020
Tidal Shift II (black), 2021
Rising Tide, 2021
Shallows, 2019
Waterway, 2015
Andrea Bonfils
Compilation of encaustic (beeswax, resin and oil paint), underwater photography (Submerged Garden Series) and Unity sculpture, 2021
Alain Enrique Domínguez Fariña
S/T, 2018
Tracy Penn
The Sea, 2021
Tracy Penn
Searching, 2021
Amy Scofield
Burning Daylight, 2020
Pamela Peeters
"ELEMENTS": a journey into the language of Mother Earth, 2019
Lilian Cooper
Fissure Newfoundland, 2011
Roberta Masciarelli
Now... Clean our Home, 2019
Katrina Slavik
Coyote Hour, 2021
Peter D Gerakaris Artist
Short-Eared Owl Icon, 2020
Peggy Weil
UnderLA Peggy Weil and Refik Anadol, 2016
Peter D Gerakaris Artist
EcoArt Project Award Exhibit: Gallery Installation View (2021), 2021
Gianni Lorenzo Depaoli
Acque Sporche, 2020
Yulia Shtern
Caroline, 2020
Peggy Weil
88 CORES: A Monument to the Greenland Ice Sheet, 2017