Jacklord Tomas
Untitled, 2019
Jacklord Tomas
Los Angeles Ciutat, 2019
Sarah Meyers Brent
A Portrait of a Woman and A Mother During a Pandemic, 2021
Kimberly Garland
All Plastic Is O, 2021
Priscilla Aleman
Stillness is in the Eye of the Hurricane, 2021
Estuary, 2020
Andrea Bonfils
Compilation of encaustic (beeswax, resin and oil paint), underwater photography (Submerged Garden Series) and Unity sculpture, 2021
Rebecca Youssef
Written In The Stars, 2021
Amy Scofield
Spare/Spheres (Butyl is in the Eye of the Beholder), 2012
Katrina Slavik
Midnight Rambler, 2020
Poramit Thantapalit
Masked Arts, 2020
Krisztina Asztalos
Memory II., 2021
Krisztina Asztalos
Memory I., 2017
Marne Meisel
Seeing the City Through Seaweed, 2021
Sergio E
HIdden Tears /Recycled Androidite III, 2021
Luis Urribarri
Internal Wars, 2021
Brianna Ren
Exploration of Life and Consciousness - Amongst the Sun Flowers, 2020
Sergio E
Ticking Time, 2020
Sergio E
Backbone Recycled Nude, 2020
Sergio E
Unbalanced Pendulum/ Unbalanced World, 2021
Sergio E
Recycled Desires, 2021
Ugochukwu Onyewuchi
Zora's Nest / Their eyes were watching God, 2020
Robert Santore
Sergio E
Action Now!, 2020
Jaleeca Yancy
444 Sculpture, 2020
Sergio E
Recycled Nude, 2020
Sergio E
Recycled Android, 2021
Sergio E
Balancing Worlds, 2021
Sergio E
Recycled Android 2, 2021
Sergio E
La Tour Eiffel Dans Ma Pensee, 2009
JuanCarlos rLora
EARTH - an Invite to Your Home, 2021
Natalia Kropf
Happy Lake, 2021
Natalia Kropf
Petrified Wood, 2020
Natalia Kropf
Pillars of Nature, 2021
Serena Elston
Fruitful Bodies, 2019
Anna Loseva
ˈɛmpəθi, 2019
Anna Loseva
?, 2020
Modern Fossils
Gift Horse, 2020
Modern Fossils
Taohaus Chair 1, 2021
Modern Fossils
Tree of Life, 2019
Andrea Poggipollini
4 elements, 2020
James Williams
James' Rescued and Reclaimed Sacred Things, 2021
Consuelo Mura
234x160cm “singing of the cherry tree in spring” Acrilic and golden leaf on canvas, 2021
Roma Madan-Soni
Submerged!, 2021
Lauren Trager
Various Projects, 2021
Amanda & Thom
"Warning Signs", 2020
Si Golraine
Inferno, 2020
Artist name: BARD
Our Next Move, 2020