Virginia Morrison
Little Mx., 2022
Peter D Gerakaris Artist
Penumbra Tondo (Commission), 2022
Peter D Gerakaris Artist
AquaVerse Origami Sculpture, 2022
Jacklord Tomas
Laurel Canyon 2, 2021
Jacklord Tomas
Untitled, 2019
Jacklord Tomas
Los Angeles Ciutat, 2019
Cheryl Maeder
Frequency, 2018
Laura Krasnow
Pandemic Walk #3 (Cartesian), 2020
Peter D Gerakaris Artist
Middlemist Rose Icon, 2022
Rhonda Smith
Aberrations, 2021
Brandi Merolla
Connectivity, 2022
Cheryl Maeder
Super Natural Video Installation, 2020
Peter D Gerakaris Artist
Coral Oculus Tondo, 2021
Elena Iosilevich Seroff
Glacier. Argentina, 2011
Lisa Kellner
Not Everything, Just Something, 2021
Roberta Masciarelli
Ignis Terminatorix - (Fire Terminator), 2021
Susan Stair
Ascending the Mountain, 2021
Andre Tanama
Cosmic Antenna, 2018
Roma Madan-Soni
Water Drops on Coral, 2019
Lisa Kellner
Crevace, 2021
JuanCarlos rLora
Noel, 2019
Sebastian Mueller-Soppart
Gloede, 2020
Rising Tide, 2021
Samantha Passaniti
Uncertain Floor, 2021
Andrea Bonfils
Compilation of encaustic (beeswax, resin and oil paint), underwater photography (Submerged Garden Series) and Unity sculpture, 2021
Joe Dominguez
2092: A Dystopian Forecast, 2021
Alain Enrique Domínguez Fariña
S/T, 2018
Krisztina Asztalos
Solar Energy, NY, 2010
Janine Von Thungen
GROW A SCULPTURE - AMELI, 2011 - 2021, 2011
Katrina Slavik
Wildfire, 2020
Katrina Slavik
Mountain Diagram, 2019
Matthew Mazzotta
Peter D Gerakaris Artist
Pygmy Owl Icon, 2021
Peter D Gerakaris Artist
Short-Eared Owl Icon, 2020
Peter D Gerakaris Artist
EcoArt Project Award Exhibit: Gallery Installation View (2021), 2021
Peggy Weil
88 CORES: A Monument to the Greenland Ice Sheet, 2017
Sam Nester
Hector, 2020
Krisztina Asztalos
Memory II., 2021
Krisztina Asztalos
Sunmachine, NY, 2010
spinoza, 2021
Gloria Tranchida
Delirio Urbano #9, 2018
Gloria Tranchida
Delirio Urbano #4, 2018
The Flow Lab
Milky Way, 2021
Marne Meisel
Seeing the City Through Seaweed, 2021
Estelle Roberge
Waiting for Winter, 2013
Sergio E
HIdden Tears /Recycled Androidite III, 2021
Cicely Carew
Mutable, 2019
Cicely Carew
Hide and Seek, 2020
Cicely Carew
...The breeze at dawn has stories to tell..., 1951