Outerspace, the movement and shape of planets and their satellites are the inspiration behind Cosmos. Cosmos is a bookcase with integrated lamp and stools that come together to form a unique design.

The bookcase has five modules designed to maximize the use of one plywood sheet.

The lamp—whose form echoes the shape of planets and satellites and their ability to spin on an axis and project light—can be attached to any of the circular cutouts in the modules. It uses a battery powered LED light; the on/off function is handled by touching its metallic frame.

The stools, created using the shapes of the first space envoys, employ residual plywood left from the bookcases fabrication process. Its multifunctionality means they can be used as small auxiliary tables or like legs of the smaller stands. These changes can alter the appearance of the piece and make it more versatile.

The singularity of this grouping lies in its potential to integrate the illumination to the furniture piece, as well as the mobility of its parts to obtain diverse configurations to match a user’s needs.

The design behind Cosmos starts with basic shapes that result in a clean, timeless design that can fit well within a multiple of interiors and architectural style settings.


Amalia Martinez Caballero
by Amalia Martinez Caballero

Category: Furniture and lighting

Dimension: Cm: 82 x 82 x 41
Year: 2016

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