Emanuele Viscuso

Country: United States


Emanuele Viscuso, (born 24 December 1952 in Palermo, Italy) is a sculptor, a musician, a designer and a cultural promoter. His most famous piece is the 45-foot-large sculpture "Wave-bridge on the imaginary" located at the Milan Malpensa international airport. In 2006, Viscuso founded the Sicilian Film Festival in Miami, a showcase of Sicilian directors and movies. In 2008, Viscuso created in Castelbuono, Sicily, F.I.M.O. International Organ Music Festival in the Churches of the Historical Princedom of Castelbuono. Emanuele Viscuso has taken part in the Esperia* STS-120/10A Mission, launched on 23 October 2007 from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, in Florida as delegate in Florida of Accademia Italiana della Cucina, a Cultural Institution of the Italian Republic organizing the first Italian Banquet on board of the International Space Station. Emanuele Viscuso has a dual citizenship Italian and American but resides in Mexico. Emanuele Viscuso began his career 35 years ago in Milan, Italy.

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